Iron Cribs Review, Do They Safe or Not?

Most people question the safety of iron cribs as they consider that iron is a hard material that would be hazardous to be used as furniture for kids, especially newborns. On top of that, iron also rusts and it would bring another danger for children. However, using iron as a material for baby cribs is not always wrong, because it actually depends on the product.

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Before buying a crib for your beloved little baby, you have to make sure that the crib you want to buy has met the most current safety standards set by the consumer protection agency in your country.
Why You Considered Iron?

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Despite the fact, many people prefer wood material than iron as they fear that metal is a harder substance. However, people often forget that wooden crib also has weaknesses. Wood is an organic material that changes over time, and it responds to the moisture in the air that would lead to cracks, which could also endanger your kids.

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Meanwhile, iron cribs won’t change over time as iron is properly sealed. Iron is far more resistant to environmental factors so it would last longer than wooden cribs. However, you also have to consider several things before deciding to buy one.

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1. Coated and Sealed
Iron doesn’t crack, but it rusts so you have to make sure that the iron crib you want to buy is coated and sealed so it would resist from chipping, rusting, and changes. Besides that, the finish must be silky smooth.

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2. Safe for Kids
Sharp edges could be the most possible threat brought by cribs made out of iron. You have to be careful in purchasing them and make sure that the product has met the safety standards so your kid could sleep comfortably, and you don’t have anything to worry about.

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