How To Buy The Right Toys For Baby Girl 1 Month

Toys for baby girl are essential to your baby. You can use it to introduce something to her and to make her happy. She is precious that will light up your new life right now. For a newborn baby that is about 1 month, it is important for you to support her with sensory stimulation.

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A 1-month-old baby is able to see the object at least 8 to 10 inches away. However, she cannot see the details or the full color. If you put an object in very short distances over her eyes, she slowly follows the object. Cognitively, at this age baby is able to show her simple facial expressions. She looks intently when someone speaks. She also loves to get gentle rocking. Loud, as well as unexpected noises, may present even though her fists closed.

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There are some toys for baby girls we recommend to help her learn more as below.
1. Toys with music
A mobile’s music is a great option to choose. You can play music for her in different settings. Any toys with music and sounds are great to stimulate her sense of hearing. The simple thing to do is to take her hands in yours and clap them together to make a sound. She may imitate the song or show her expressive faces.

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2. Toys with colors and patterns
It can be a great toy to stimulate the visual sense of your baby. To start, point out the colors as well as the name of animals, for example. It does not matter that she does not know about the meaning yet, but she will learn and she can switch her focus, as well.

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3. Hand-held toys
It does not matter f she cannot hold the toys for a while, but she can demonstrate her option by batting at ones she loves.

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4. Mobile
A mobile adds a new dimension to her horizontal view of life. It is better to find one with colorful look. Many babies use mobiles with music to play. Make sure that the mobile is far from your baby’s reach to avoid any bad things. It is important to note that mobiles contain strangulation hazard. Therefore, we recommend you not to attach one even hang one over her crib directly. You should hang it from the ceiling within her line of sight.

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