Why Your Kid should Use the Best Organic Crib Mattress

Do you know that using best organic crib mattress is a healthy option for your kids? Organic mattress basically comes in two types. The first type is called Coir Innerspring which is made of a combination of natural wool and a metal coil. The wool material makes the mattress feel soft and flame resistant. The second type is the natural rubber mattress which is also soft, comfortable and fire retardant.


Organic mattress is better than non-organic one because of a number of reasons. First, it is healthier. Unlike regular mattresses which might contain toxic chemicals such as boric acid and PBDEs, the organic ones do not. Over time, these chemicals are emitted from the mattresses into the air. This is called off-gassing. When babies inhale the contaminated air, they can get harmed. Moreover, organic mattresses are ideal for babies who allergic to dust mites.


Besides being healthier, organic mattresses also ensure better sleep for babies. When sleeping on plastic or synthetic mattresses, most babies feel not comfortable because their body cannot fully rest. This won’t happen if organic mattresses made of organic cotton, wool, or natural wool are used as they circulate body temperature and absorb moisture, allowing the babies get up freshly in the morning. When babies can sleep well, their mood will be always good during the day.


The other reason for using organic mattresses is they are good for the environment. Wool, rubber, and cotton are all sustainable resources. It means that using the organic materials do not give bad impact to the environment.
Considering all of the benefits, start from now on parents should use organic mattresses for the sake of the baby’s safety, health, and comfort and for the environment. They are indeed more expensive than synthetic mattresses but they worth the penny. You will not regret buying one.