The Most Beautiful 12 Month Baby Frames For Family Keepsake

For many parents, they love preserving and displaying photos of their children starting from birth through their childhood. The first year is the best moment that parents want to have more memories to keep. Having 12 month baby frames offers a special way for parents to commemorate the special moments with their baby. Therefore, it is important to find quality frames with a timeless design when it is about finding the solution to highlight the memories. There are cute and beautiful frames available. Below, we provide you the idea of the frame and the photo to frame.

magnificent 12 month baby photo frame

1. Soft wood frame
It can be the sweetest addition to your home. Soft wood frame with white and hand-finished design can frame your baby’s handprint and footprint.

beautiful 12 month baby frame

2. Frame with 12 small openings
This frame is great to capture the baby’s first 12 months of life. You can make the frame by yourself with 12 small openings to support photos from her birth to the 11 months. In the middle of the small openings, there is a larger opening for the baby’s first-year photo. The frame should be easy to wipe clean and to reduce tarnish. The best frame is the silver-plated design.

captivating 12 month baby frame

3. Frame with four openings
You can commemorate your baby’s birth by having a frame with four openings. The wood frame shows the baby’s first image, the handprint, the footprint, and the birth information. It comes with paper and ink to capture baby’s print.

luxury 12 month baby photo frame

4. Elephant picture frame
Take it as your next option if you want to have beautiful photo frame for your first-year baby. The elephant picture frame is ideal for boys and girls. If you look it around the market, make sure that the frame is of composite wood for its durability. Besides, be sure that the frame is safe for her or his nursery room. The frame has a small photo.

impressive 12 month baby frame

5. Sonogram frame
Have you heard about Sonogram frame? It lets parents celebrate about their new baby before and after birth. At one side, it has a book-style frame to hold the photo of baby’s sonogram as well as baby’s newborn picture on its other side.

delightful 12 month baby frame