Shopping for Curious George Bedding

Your kids must be familiar with the Curious George. George is a curious monkey colored brown. He is the main protagonist characters of cartoon and book series with the same title. George is so cute that many kids like him so much. No wonder that the Curious George becomes the popular theme for children’s bedding. You can just find Curious George bedding everywhere.


When shopping for themed-bedding, you can either by a bedding set that consists of some different pieces or buys them individually. The good side of buying them as a set is that you do not need to spend energy and time for the shopping. It is like one stop shopping. You go to one place and get everything. However, many people prefer buying different pieces separately. In this way, they can create a look as they want. They can also skip buying the thing that is not really necessary.


Whether you buy a bedding set or buying different pieces individually, you should make sure you buy the right bedding which is comfortable and safe for your baby. Check the fabric. It should be durable yet soft. The sheet should be snugly fitted to the mattress. Meanwhile, the sheet cover should be waterproof.


It is also important to consider the existing decor of the nursery. For instance, if the walls are painted in solid neutral color, the bedding should be richer in prints. However, avoid making the bed so crowded with patterns, prints, and too many different colors especially if you already put some mural or use decals on the wall.


In order to complete the nursery decor, find the Curious George dolls or toys and use them to decorate the room. You can buy them in kids shop or department stores. However, do not put the dolls and toys in the crib as they can make the crib feels crowded and cramped