Make Your Own Dinosaur Blanket

A blanket is an important piece for your baby. It keeps your baby warm in cold seasons, letting him sleep snuggly during the night. Moreover, it protects your baby from mosquitos’ and other insects’ bites. Besides being functional, a blanket can add style to the crib bedding. That is why many manufacturers design blanket in numerous styles and color. One of the popular ones is dinosaur blankets. Many children are fond of the giant creatures.

Wonderful Dinosaur Blanket with Simple Side Table

It will be easy to find blankets in this theme on the market. However, sometimes the ones sold in the market is not like what we want. For example, the price is too high, the pattern is not clear, the color is not attractive, the fabric is not soft, and the like. So, why do not you make your own? Making a handmade blanket is not difficult even for a beginner. Of course, it is a challenging job for first-timers but with little effort, you can make it.

Alluring Dinosaur Blanket with Wooden Floor

The first thing to do is to prepare everything you need to make the blanket. You will need cutting tools, a cutting mat, a ruler, fabric, threads, and wadding. You need to use a sewing machine to make the blanket. Another option is to crochet your blanket. In this way, you should use yarns. You can get the supplies from sewing shops nearby.

Captivating Dinosaur Blanket

The next thing is to learn the basic skills of sewing or crocheting the blanket. You can learn from professional, asking for a short basic course. It will be better if there are friends of yours who have such skills so you can learn from them. Learning from YouTube is also a good way.

Amusing Dinosaur Blanket with Comfort Pillow

Before start making one, decide the size, color, and pattern. For dinosaur theme, choose earthy colors like brown and green. Draw patterns of dinosaurs. They can be T-Rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, and much more.

Appealing Dinosaur Blanket with White Rug

Extraordinary Dinosaur Blanket with Brown Wooden Side Table