Different Types of Canopy Crib

Expecting parents are so happy waiting for the birth of their newborn that they are so excited spending much time to organize the nursery from buying the furniture to find some ideas of baby’s room decorating. Preparing the baby crib is one of the essential parts parents should do. The baby will spend most of his time in the crib. Therefore, you should make sure that the crib comes in the right size, sturdy, and comfortable.


Not only is the crib functional, it often becomes the focal point of the room. That is why it should look stand out. You can add a canopy that makes the crib look more beautiful. A canopy is made of fabric that flows from the ceiling. Besides making the crib more decorative, it also protects the baby from mosquitos’ bites. A canopy crib comes in many styles, colors, and sizes. You won’t find it difficult to get the right canopy for your particular type.


There are several types of crib canopy depending on how it is mounted. The most common one is the ceiling-mounted canopy. The fabric is directly mounted on the ceiling and wrap over the crib. Durable mounting hardware is used to ensure it is securely mounted on the ceiling. Those which are mounted on the wall are called wall-mounted canopies. There are also canopies that are attached directly to the crib. Cribs with tall posts are suitable with attached canopies.


When choosing the best canopy, there are things to take into consideration. Price usually becomes one of the most important considerations. Keep in mind that low-quality products often come with a cheap price. So, don’t just look at the price but consider the quality of the canopy. Make sure the fabric is durable and the mounting hardware is safe. High-quality canopies are often not cheap but you won’t regret investing a bit more for them.
So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a crib canopy for your loved little one. It will add a little pizzazz for the nursery décor. Make sure the canopy is mounted securely and the fabric is not loose. Improper use of canopy can put your baby in danger.