Crib Skirts Styles

If you want to add more style to your baby’s crib bedding, the easiest way is by using crib skirts. Besides being decorative, the skirts also help to cover up and manage dust under-the-bed area. The most important thing to consider when shopping for crib skirts is to measure the size. Make sure you buy the correct size depending on the size of the box spring. Do not forget to measure the distance from the box spring top to the floor so the skirt can perfectly drop down to fall hiding the area under the bed without leaving a gap.


Not only are crib skirts available in various sizes, they also come in some different styles so you can always find the one to complement your nursery decor. If the nursery is decorated in a modern design, a solid colored skirt will be suitable. For a transitional styled room, the best option is the pleated skirt. Meanwhile, if you want to set a traditional look, try an eyelet skirt. Or, do you want to add some glamor to the room? Think about ruffled skirts, then. Who can resist the charm of the long-dropped ruffled skirt?


When using crib skirts, you should know how to care for them as they can become dirty easily. That is why cleaning them regularly is a necessity. Regular cleaning includes vacuuming at least once a week. Meanwhile, a wash should be performed at least once a month. Bed skirts made of linen or cotton are can be washed easily. However, other skirts especially those made of heavier fabric might need special care. Always follow the care instructions from the manufacturer. Proper cleaning and care make the skirt look fresh and clean.

Gorgeous Crib Skirts with Nice Doll

A crib can also be purchased as a part of a bedding set. If you buy it separately as an individual piece, make sure the color matches other bedding, pieces used in the crib.


Amusing Crib Skirts with Wooden Floor


Coral Crib Skirt that Makes the Nursery Look Lively

When looking for a bedding set for babies, most parents focus more on the cribs, mattress, and comforter but they overlook a crib skirt. In fact, the presence of crib skirt can tie the look of the crib bedding together. The skirt can hide the unattractive brown metal frame. Besides, it protects the area under the crib from dust. There are different kinds and styles of the bed skirt.


Let’s pick a color first. Nowadays, the colors for the baby nursery are not limited to pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. There are many other colors that can be used in baby’s room. Coral crib skirt is gaining popularity at the moment. Coral belongs to pastel. The color is soft and relaxing, perfect for a baby nursery. To create a beautiful decor, coral can be combined with other colors such as white, green, and aqua. Include either graphic or floral prints in the room to achieve the fabulous look.


Besides being available in many colors, bed skirts also come in countless design. No matter what style of your crib, you can always find a matching skirt. For the styles, bed skirts fall into two styles; pleated and ruffled skirts. What are the differences? The ruffled skirt consists of some overlapping layers. It can create a romantic and sophisticated vibe to any rooms including a baby nursery. If you are a fan of classic and dress look, ruffled crib skirt is a great option. Meanwhile, the pleated skirts have straight lines, making the room looks simple and modern.


Bed skirts can be made of a variety of different materials such as cotton, satin, brocade, lace, and much more. Make sure the fabric has quality so the crib skirt can last longer. Do not forget to find the skirt that fits perfectly to the size of your crib.