Essential Pieces Included in Crib Sets for Girls

Everyone agree that a crib is one of the most essentials parts of a nursery. Newborns sleep in their crib for most of their time of the day and night. Moreover, a crib has a role in setting the style and tone of the baby’s room


A crib set comes with several pieces. Mattress is the most important one. Usually, when you buy a crib, it already includes the mattress. If you buy it separately, make sure that you buy the right size so it fits the crib well although most mattresses come in standard size as well as the crib. You also need a crib sheet to cover the mattress. Choose fitted sheet instead of a flat sheet. A flat sheet often gets loose and bunched up. This can be dangerous for the baby.


Another essential piece is the crib mattress pad. The pad protects his mattress from dust any liquid spill. So, it keeps the mattress clean. A mattress pad should be not too thick. Most pads are less than 1 inch.
Other pieces are swaddles, blanket, comforter, and pillows. Swaddles keep newborns warm so they can sleep better. Meanwhile, quilts and pillows are decorative pieces that can complete the nursery look.


Crib skirts, although often overlooked, are actually important to buy. Not only are they decorative, the skirts prevent babies’ fingers to investigate the mattress supports as it can hurt themselves. Besides, they prevent the sheets from become ripped because of coming into contact with the mattress support springs. In addition, crib skirts, especially the long ones, can help to cover up the area under the crib and protect it from dust and dirt.