Different Types of Changing Table Pad Cover

You might have the most durable crib with a soft comfortable mattress, fancy car seat, plenty of beautiful clothing and toys, and fully stocked diapers, but you forgot one thing. It’s the changing table pad cover. Without the diaper changing pad, your days will be messed up. The pad cover prevents diaper leaks from spilling other areas and protects the baby from unclean surfaces. Therefore, it is a must-have piece you have to put on the top list.


Just like when shopping for other baby’s equipment, you should buy the perfect changing pad. You can find so many different brands and styles of baby changing pad so choosing the right one seems to be not that easy. For use at home, you can choose diaper pad with a standard type. This pad can be simply used on the top of a mattress, changing table, or on other surfaces in the home.


If you want to go outside the house, you need travel diaper changing pad. The standard type of diaper pad is not ideal for traveling as it is too bulky. You need something lightweight and reusable. Changing pads designed for traveling are portable and do not take a lot of rooms in your diaper bag.


The alternative to travel diaper changing pad is a diaper changing kit. The changing kit is completed with extra room for baby essentials such as baby wipes and diapers. In addition, it has some extra pockets for storage, too. It functions just like a diaper bag. If you feel carrying a big diaper bag is so heavy, you can consider this changing kit.


Depending on the shape, there are two types of baby diaper pad: curved and flat. Changing pads featuring curved top is more recommended as the curved top keep the baby to stay in place. If you use flat diaper pad, it must have a safety belt.