Decoration Ideas for Buffalo Plaid Bedding

In these days, themes for baby bedding sets are not limited to animal, Disney cartoon characters, or floral themes. The theme can be simple like buffalo plaid bedding. Usually, the plaid pattern is used on clothing but nowadays, it is used in baby bedding. Basically, the pattern contains black and red colors. White is often used to make it less dark. There are some tips to make the baby room appear attractive with the pattern.
The pattern is actually quite unique when it is used for the baby nursery. It is usually used in adult’s room. The uniqueness can make your nursery one-of-a-kind.


As mentioned earlier, the decor should include light color to make the room brighter. Keep in mind that baby nursery should have enough light. Buffalo plaid pattern looks good when it is combined with white. For example, if the pillow and the comforter are already in plaid, find a fitted sheet in plain white. You can use another pattern as well that blends with the plaid such as red floral over white fabric. The use of pattern combination makes the whole design appear more attractive.


The pattern works well with wooden furniture. This combination can create a rustic feel in the nursery. Find a wooden crib and other furniture pieces like a dresser and cupboard in the same finish. The presence of paintings framed in a wooden frame will definitely complete the look. You can add some more accessories to emphasize the theme you want to create.


Many stores sell a variety of buffalo plaid bedding sets. Make sure you get the right pieces. Check the materials of the bedding. The pieces should be comfortable for the babies so they can get good rest and sleep. Don’t forget to measure the sheet and bed skirt to match the crib mattress.