Best Cribs for small spaces

You are lucky if you have a large nursery so you can add a palatial crib to greet the new baby. However, not everyone has such spacious nursery. Those who live in a city usually have small space to live in that having a big nursery with a big crib is not feasible. Luckily, there are cribs for small spaces so you should not be worried when your nursery is not that big. Nowadays many manufacturers design their cribs in various sizes and shapes. Even some of them have mini shapes and portable feature. Although the size is small, they are still functional and safe.


One of the best space-saving cribs is the Bloom Urban Crib. It is just 36.5” wide. That is why this stylish crib is called mini crib. You can convert it into a basinet too. When it becomes a bassinet, the size is just perfect. It features lockable wheels and compact design. You do not need to worry moving the baby around in his bassinet through cramped hallways and narrow doorways. This portable and foldable crib are ideal for use in apartments, condos, and small houses.


Child Craft London is another great convertible crib in small size. Unlike other modern cribs which have a flimsy board base, this crib has a spring base made of wire that can give better support for the mattress.
DaVinci, another popular brand of baby products, also offers stylish and functional mini crib called Emily Mini-Crib. This crib is designed to be lightweight for easy mobile.


Actually, there are still many other mini cribs from famous brands such as Dream on Me and Delta. All of them come in small and compact size. Although not all of them are equipped with wheels, they are lightweight so you can move them around easily. See? You have a lot of choices even when space is tight.



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