Diaper Backpacks Buying Guide

Being new parents is not easy. Every day you have to deals with changing diaper, preparing a milk bottle before the baby starts crying, and other tasks to take care of a baby. A diaper bag can be a hero in helping you face the difficult situation especially when you are away from home. The bag can be a place for everything from clothes to snacks. There are many types of diaper bags such as a handbag, messenger bag, and backpacks. Among the three types, diaper backpacks seem to be the most favorite one.


There are some advantages of diaper backpacks compared to other diaper bags. First of all, they are usually larger than other bags. Second, they are comfortable to carry. While carrying the backpack over your bag, you can still be able to hold your baby or do other tasks. A backpack is also dads’ favorite. As it has tons of rooms with many pockets, a diaper backpack is ideal for a trip or adventure.


When looking for the best diaper backpack, the most important thing is to check the construction. Check the seams, adjustable straps, flap, and zippers. They should work well. The fabric also determines the quality of the backpack. There are many choices of materials and fabric. Durability is a necessity. Microfiber and nylon are some recommended fabrics. They are moisture-resistant and can be cleaned easily.


Diaper bag backpacks are usually spacious but you still need to check the storage. Are they enough pockets to store different things? Do the pockets come with zipper closure? Pockets are important because you do not want the snacks or bottles contaminated by dirty diapers, do you?


Lastly, consider the weight when the bag is empty. Make sure it does not exceed 3 pounds as it will become too heavy when it is full. You don’t want to get a backache, do you?