Best Toys For Baby Boy From 0 To 3 Months – The Ultimate Guide

Baby from 0 to 3 months old are starting to work with their senses. Therefore, it is better to offer striking toys with the visual appeal. Alternatively, you can offer toys that produce sounds or noise. The baby’s sight is not completely developed. It is why your baby spends a lot of time to look at your face as well as other objects around him. He cannot see any objects that are more than 15 inches. Therefore, toys for baby boy should have stark patterns.

cute toys for newborn baby boy

If your little boy is younger than 3 months, we recommend some toys below to have.
Best Toys For Baby Boy
1. Hand-held toys
Your little boy surely will love having soft toys, easy to grasp with his whole hand. It is because he is not able to hold the toys by using his fingers yet. Make sure that the toys come with contrast look, especially for the patterns and colors. For example, you can purchase toys with dots and stripes in contrasting colors. Even though he cannot grab the toy, he will reach and hit the toys since the design is appealing.

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2. Music Box
It can be your next choice if you want to have toys for baby boys. We think that it is great to buy a music box with the unbreakable toys on the top. Make sure that you enjoy the music and love to listen to it for a quite long since your baby will hear it repeatedly. IT is okay if you offer your MP3 or MP4 player with classic toddler’s music. However, you should not give hard rock music for your baby.

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3. Soft Books
Have you heard about busy book? The book comes with cloth pages. Just hold your baby on your lap and tell him stories about each page. Make sure that the book comes with bright colors without any intricate pictures. He can even learn about reading and story telling. Surely his eyes can move along anytime you turn the pages while reading, which can be the stimulus for his interest in books.

delightful toys for baby boy

4. Mobile
Last but not the least; you can use mobile toys to baby so he looks at the movement. Make sure that the mobile toys come with big items hanging down with the patterns and high-contrast colors. It would be good to offer your baby with a mobile that can produce music and moves in time to the music. It supports his visual and audible needs.
Those are all about toys for newborn baby boy. Which one do you think the best?

magnificent toys for newborn baby boy

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