Baby Nurseries Decoration Ideas

Decorating a baby nursery is one of the exciting yet challenging activities new parents do prior the baby’s birth. Decorating baby nurseries is always started by deciding a particular theme. If you cannot find the desired theme, at least the baby room should be designed with coordinated colors. Without a theme or coordinated colors, the room will appear less attractive. There are some ideas of neutral-gendered baby nursery themes as follows.


The animal theme seems to be never out-of-date. This theme is perfect both for baby girls’ or baby boy’s room. Animal theme is still too broad. You can narrow down the theme into a jungle, animals in the zoo, or farm animals. As for jungle theme, for example, you can try to include pictures of trees, ponds, blue skies, and various animals from the wild. Set two or three color palettes such as a combination of green and brown.


The nautical theme is another popular idea. Use colors that represent beaches or typical ships such as blue, yellow, and red. Include the images of sea animals. You can add a small aquarium to complete the nautical decor. Entering the room, people will feel like entering underwater paradise.


Most children whether they are girls or boys enjoy the outdoors. It can be a great theme for the baby nursery. Images of bugs, frogs, fish, and other creatures found in the outdoors will make the room lively. You will like you are outside the home, breathing fresh air. It will be very relaxing in the room both for the baby and the caregivers.


You can also decorate the baby room in contemporary style. Contemporary decor makes use of neutral colors. While baby nursery is identical with bright color with a playful tone, it’s nothing wrong to try some combination of neutrals like beige, white, and brown. To emphasis, the style, use simple clean line furnishings.