Baby Einstein Language Nursery Review

It is said then right from the time a baby is born, he tries to explore the world using his senses. That is why babies usually prefer contrasting colors and bold patterns. Babies also try to recognize sounds. Listening to mom’s lullabies and particular music can really comfort them. As many people think that the sooner babies learn something, the sooner they will acquire it, there are many products claimed help babies learn a language, numbers, and other things at their early age. One of them is Baby Einstein Language Nursery.


So, what does the Language Nursery do? It provides sounds of foreign language including music, rhymes, and stories spoken by native speakers. Native languages used are English, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, and others that are largely used in the world. The sounds come with attractive pictures that are visually stimulating.


Using the language nursery, it is hoped that babies can get acquainted with foreign languages in a fun stimulating way. It also gives more chances for you and your baby to spend time together watching, listening, playing together. There is also another product to help babies learn the number. It is Baby Einstein Number Nursery.
Baby Einstein Nursery is very easy to use and play. The features include auto-play and repeat-play options. In addition, there is also a printed guide for parents on how to use the DVDs effectively with their babies.


Are you interested in buying one? Do you think the product is worth buying? Based on some reviews, some parents are still questioning whether the Baby Einstein DVDs really promotes a child’s developmental growth especially when the baby is still very young. Actually, for babies younger than 2 years old, screen time learning is not effective. It does not mean that the baby einstein numbers nurseryprogram is not helpful at all. As long as there is parent or caregiver interacting with the baby, the Language Nursery will still take effect. At least, the sounds, music, and pictures will attract your baby’s attention.