Real Wood Dressers, Perfect Storage for Clothes

Awesome Real Wood Dresser with Classic Table Lamp
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There are many kind dressers, and we can find thousand manufacturers who produce plastic-made dressers. However, the best storage for your clothing and linens would be real wood dressers. Wooden dressers provide sturdy storage while adding warm and even ethnic style to your home decor.

Attractive Real Wood Dresser with White Fur Rug

There are many types of wooden dressers as different woods have varying shades of color and grain, making every piece of them unique. If you want them to be durable and last long, avoid composite wood dressers and select a solid one.
Woods to Look At

Amusing Real Wood Dresser

Generally, there are four types of real wood dressers based on the type of wood used to manufacture the dressers. Each of them are unique as they offer different features. Here are the types of wooden dressers you can look into.

Excellent Real Wood Dresser with Brown Curtains

Hardwood Dressers
Trees classified hardwoods are wide, have flat leaves, and it strengthens over time. Hardwoods are the best material to use for dressers because of their heaviness, carving ability, and attractive wood grains. Hardwoods like teak and mahogany are more expensive as they’re limited, and highly demanded. Hardwood dressers can last long if you clean and polish it regularly.

Impressive Reaal Wood Dresser

Softwood Dressers
If you prefer lightweight, and bright-colored woods, dressers made of softwoods are the best for you. Softwoods come from evergreen and conifer trees, such as spruce, cedar, and pine. Cedar has a pleasant and spicy fragrance that resists insect. Meanwhile, dressers made of pine wood are often sold unfinished and unpainted, and home decorators love to paint them with a variety of paints and finishes.

Modern Real Wood Dresser

Exotic Wooden Dressers
If you love wooden furnitures so much, and you’re willing to afford them without considering the price, dressers made of exotic woods would be the best for you. Exotic woods like burl, Bird’s-eye maple, rosewood, olive, harewood, black palm, Carpathian elm and snakewood are strong, beautiful, and can be used for any room in your house.

Magnificent Real Wood Dresser with Minimalis Chair

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