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Picking Out the Best Solid Wood Cribs

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2. Functionality and Design
Always select your crib and the accompanying furnitures carefully, blankets or bumper pads are important. The most important one is mattress as they could bring a choking or entrapment hazard to your baby if their size are not fit with the crib. The most simple way to check is to try to put two fingers between the slat and the mattress.

Impressive Solid Wood Crib with Nice Table Lamp

If you have paid attnetion to the two most important matters, it should be easy for you to get the best solid wood cribs. Have fun shopping for your dearest baby!

Gorgeous Solid Wood Crib

Fancy Solid Wood Crib with White Rug

Endearing Solid Wood Crib with Wooden Dresser

Mesmerizing Solid Wood Crib with Nice Picture Frame

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