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When you are going to purchase thick baby blankets, it is important to consider about the comfort and security. In fact, in the first few months of baby’s life, she is taking a lot of time only for sleeping. Of course, each family comes with different needs. There are some factors to think before purchasing a blanket.
Tips To Buy Thick Blankets For Babies

alluring thick baby blankets

1. Material
The blanket should be breathable for a comfortable sleep. The materials should be gentle even on the sensitive skin. To get the best one, you should do a little test. If you see a fan, hold the blanket up next to it. The blanket has breathable material if you can feel the breeze through it. The best breathable material is cotton. We recommend you to choose organic cotton. Make sure that you should purchase synthetic materials.

winsome thick blankets for babies

Besides, it is better to buy a blanket for your babies based on the season. A thick blanket means for winter and a lighter is for summer. If you purchase a thick blanket for winter, make sure that there is no quilt. You should also not to purchase soft and heavy blanket, which can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). You do not have to buy many thick blankets if you are living in a warm climate. However, if you are living in colder clime, you should have several thicker blankets to keep your baby warm, especially in winter.

amazing thick blankets for babies

2. Safety
When it goes to thick blankets for babies, safety is very crucial. It is better not to purchase baby blankets with loose tassels, ribbons, or fringes. These only make your baby tangled in the blankets. One good example is the Organic Dream Blanket, presented by Aden + Anais. The blanket has four layers of lightweight, organic cotton muslin, breathable, and it does not come with tassels or fringe. In addition, the blanket is machine washable and pre-washed.

attractive thick blankets for babies

3. Size
The size is very important. You only need one that is big enough just to keep your baby warm. We do not recommend you to purchase bigger blankets that can overwhelm your baby. The standard size of baby blanket is 45 inches by 5 inches by 60 inches. This size is great as a floor mat and bedding.

stunning thick blankest for babies

4. No Blanket
The best thick blankets for babies can be by never purchasing any of them. Well, you have the choice of sleeping bag with many options on the market. It is a great choice for very young babies from 0 to 5 months, as well as infants that are under 12 months. A sleeping bag can be a great solution of loose blankets in crib that can choke a sleeping infant. It also helps baby not throw off the blanket in the night that makes her up crying.

charming thick blankets for babies

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