Lilac Bedding for Girl’s Lovely Bedroom

Furnishing your kids’ bedroom and choosing the right color the bedding is fun and confusing at the same time. Before purchasing bedding, we have to consider many components, from bedding basics to decorative layers. A thorough consideration is required as the bedroom is where yor beloved children will spend their time sleeping and relaxing.

Trendy Lilac Bedding with Purple Fur Rug

If you’re currently finding the suitable bedding for your little girl’s bedroom, lilac bedding would be a good choice for you. Lilac symbolizes spring and renewal, which would make your girl feel lovely and fresh every time they enter their bedroom. Lilac also symbolizes confidence so it would be perfect for them.
Kids Buying Guide for Lilac Bedding.

Amusing Lilac Bedding with White Table Lamp

Before purchasing lilac bedding for your lovely girl, there are several matters you have to pay attention to, which are as follows:

Appealing Lilac Bedding with Wooden Floor

1. Bedding Size
It is important to pick the bedding size that will fit the mattress in your girl’s bedroom. No matter what size of the mattress, you also have to remember that the thickness of mattress can vary of up to 7 inches.

Mesmerizing Lilac Bedding with White Fur Rug

2. Mattress Pad and Toppers
Mattress pad or mattress toppers provides extra padding that will protect your beloved kids from allergens like dust and perspiration. Picking the best mattress pad style, thickness, and size depends on the sleeping pattern of your children. The materials of mattress pad are also various, it could be cotton, wool, and latex. Choose the material that will comfort your kids.

Cute Lilac Bedding with Classic Table Lamp

Kids are gifts for parents. You can make them smile by decorating their bedroom with a playful and durable bedding set. Lilac bedding set would be the most lovely choice for your girl’s bedroom. It’s also easy to look for one because finding a bedding set for kids usually come with everything you need, such as sheets, pillow shams, and a comforter.

Elegant Lilac Bedding with Modern Table Lamps

Giraffe Crib Bedding The Cute Choice for Kids

Planning a suitable nursery theme or choosing a crib for your children, and shopping furniture for your kids can be fun. After all, it is where your beloved baby will spend all the time, especially newborns. However, it would also confuse you as your bedding choice will be endless, and you have to decide to pick the best one that would bring an attractive space for your kids. Besides that, you also have to consider the price of the bedding set.

Captivating Giraffe Crib Bedding

Giraffe crib bedding could be the best choice you can pick as giraffes have a unique and cute skin pattern that your kids would love. Besides having a unique skin pattern, giraffes are also known as a friendly animal that most kids like to see at the zoo. Therefore, choosing giraffe pattern or theme for a crib bedding set is recommended.
Things to Evaluate Before Purchasing Crib Bedding Set

Dazzling Giraffe Crib Bedding with Green Rug

You have to remember that buying a crib bedding set is not just about choosing what looks cute, but also considering what’s best and safe for your kids. There are several things you have to pay attention to before buying one, which are as follows:

Lovely Giraffe Crib Bedding with Pink Fur Rug

1. Safety First
We can’t resist every time we see cute and cheap bedding set on magazines or online that would be suitable for your child. However, you have to be careful as the crib is where your kids will sleep and spend most of their time. Many of them come with features that would be dangerous for your children, including Giraffe crib bedding, such as ribbons that could choke your beloved child or bumpers that would suffocate your baby.

Elegant Giraffe Crib Bedding with Wooden Dresser

2. Fabric and Mattress Quality
Our beloved children deserve the best. Before deciding to buy a bedding crib, you have to make sure that the fabric and mattress of your bedding crib are high-quality products so your kids would be comfortable staying in the crib.

Delightful Giraffe Crib Bedding

Giraffe crib bedding set could be the best choice for you as the pattern is friendly for your kids so it could please them. Besides having a friendly and cute pattern, it is not difficult to mix and match giraffe pattern with other furniture.

Pretty Giraffe Crib Bedding with Green Rug

Splendid Ways To Make Elephant Themed Nursery

Things To Consider To Make Blue Elephant Themed Nursery
1.Choose shades of gray and white. Then, complete the room with the light blue elephants to make a cheerful feel inside of baby’s nursery.

Alluring Elephant Themed Nurrsery with Brown Rug

2.Go with wooden furniture and apply white finish so it can match perfectly with the elephant-themed nursery. You can use the white finish to complete the changing table and other furniture inside the room for a matching look.

Elephant Themed Nursery For Boy

3.To complete the elephant theme, you must choose the right baby’s bedding in a fabric with the same elephant themed nursery.

Appealing Elephant Themed Nursery with White Table Lamp

4.Even it is possible for you to add some complement accessories such as wall decals, valances and rugs. But, don’t go too much because it only makes the room look full and cluttered.

Trendy Elephant Themed Nursery with Nice Picture

5.You should add simple touch such as adding your DIY lamp kit, vase or teaspot in an elephant shape. It is okay if you cannot because there are many kinds of the lamps you can buy online to complete the decor.

Attractive Elephant Themed Nursery with White Rug

6.Give playful touch by adding large plush elephant in any corner of the room. For example, using large decorative pillows that have elephant motifs to give high comfort to your nursing chairs and even others like daybeds.

Charming Elephant Themed Nursery with Brown Rug

Dinosaur Toddler Bedding 4-Piece Set by Everything For Kids

Dinosaur toddler bedding is the right solution for you who want to make fun experience so he is going to bed easily. This toddler bedding set has vivid images of dinosaurs. For the fabric, it is from 5 percent of cotton and 45 percent of polyester. It is no wonder that he will love its softness and you will love its durability since it can deal with multiple machine washings and repeated use.

Trendy Dinosaur Toddler Bedding

What you will get is one comforter, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and one pillow case which is the bonus. This Kid 3-piece Toddler Bedding Set can be a nice treatment for him with the images of t-rexes, triceratops as well as stegosauruses. It works best for all kids who love prehistoric monsters.

Winsome Dinosaur Toddler Bedding with Wooden Floor

So what you will get is 100 percent of polyster microfiber, all-over dinosaur graphics as well as sheets that can fit the standard 28 x 52-inch of mattress.If you have a big concern on its durability, you better machine it wash separately in cold water and then gentle cycle. You can use non-chlorine bleach when you need and then tumble dry low heat. You can even iron on low heat if you need too.

Surprising Dinosaur Toddler Bedding with Wooden Floor

The good things about this dinosaur toddler bedding is it has multicolor that kids will love and it is unisex that can be used for boy or girl. There is nothing happier than giving your kids’ room an update with the right theme that he surely adores it. At this time, the dinosaur toddler bedding presented by Everything For Kids is very popular and on huge demand.

Outstanding Dinosaur Toddler Bedding with Wooden Floor

You can find their product easily on the internet in many online shops. They offer you matching pillow case as the bonus. We wonder why it is so popular until we decide to write this review for you.

Mesmerizing Dinosaur Toddler Bedding with White Fur Rug

Marvelous Dinosaur Toddler Bedding with Round Blue Rug

Ideas To Add Dinosaur Nursery Themed Room

How to Choose the Best Dinosaur Nursery Theme for your Kids

1. Good Quality to Attract your Kids’ Attention
Besides entertaining your kids, a good and detailed dinosaur theme would also attract your kids to learn about the history of dinosaurs because children always feel curious about the attractive things they see, they will keep asking what their eyes catch.

Amazing Dinosaur Nursery with White Fur Rug

2. Various dinasours
There are diverse species of dinosaurs. The more various the dinosaurs species in the dinosaur nursery theme, the better it would be for your kids. We all know that children are easily impressed but also easily bored at the same time. Besides that, kids would also learn more species of dinosaurs if we provide more dinosaur pictures.

Excellent Dinosaur Nursery with Green Fur Rug

3. Reliable Merchant
Last but not least, you have to be always careful whenever you’re buying something, especially furnitures. Always make sure that the merchant you’re buying the products from is reliable so you won’t be disappointed with the products in the future.

Delightfull Dinosaur Nursery with Wooden Floor

Finding a nursery theme for your son’s bedroom can be sometimes challenging, there are so many choices we can pick but finding an interesting nursery theme is not an easy matter. Dinosaur nursery theme is one of the choices you can pick to raise your son’s smile.

Marvelous Dinosaur Nursery with Wooden Floor

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Dinosaurs lived million years ago but they’re not completely dying until today. Dinosaurs are everywhere, we can find their fossils in museum, we can see their illustrations from books or movies, and even children food products. There are so many things that we can learn from dinosaurs, even adults are interested in learning the history of dinosaurs. Therefore, the dinosaur theme for your children’s bedroom would be the right choice for you.

Captivating Dinosaur Nursery

You can get your own dinosaur nursery theme by buying it on department stores or even online, you may also customize your own dinosaur theme by buying the dinosaur accesories separately. However, if you want the easiest way, I recommend you to get it online because you may get many options and you can compare many products until you find the best one.

Endearing Dinosaur Nursery with Nice Picture Farmes

Appealing Dinosaur Nursery with Modern Side Table

Dazzling Dinosaur Nursery

Amusing Dinosaur Nursery











Make Your Own Dinosaur Blanket

A blanket is an important piece for your baby. It keeps your baby warm in cold seasons, letting him sleep snuggly during the night. Moreover, it protects your baby from mosquitos’ and other insects’ bites. Besides being functional, a blanket can add style to the crib bedding. That is why many manufacturers design blanket in numerous styles and color. One of the popular ones is dinosaur blankets. Many children are fond of the giant creatures.

Wonderful Dinosaur Blanket with Simple Side Table

It will be easy to find blankets in this theme on the market. However, sometimes the ones sold in the market is not like what we want. For example, the price is too high, the pattern is not clear, the color is not attractive, the fabric is not soft, and the like. So, why do not you make your own? Making a handmade blanket is not difficult even for a beginner. Of course, it is a challenging job for first-timers but with little effort, you can make it.

Alluring Dinosaur Blanket with Wooden Floor

The first thing to do is to prepare everything you need to make the blanket. You will need cutting tools, a cutting mat, a ruler, fabric, threads, and wadding. You need to use a sewing machine to make the blanket. Another option is to crochet your blanket. In this way, you should use yarns. You can get the supplies from sewing shops nearby.

Captivating Dinosaur Blanket

The next thing is to learn the basic skills of sewing or crocheting the blanket. You can learn from professional, asking for a short basic course. It will be better if there are friends of yours who have such skills so you can learn from them. Learning from YouTube is also a good way.

Amusing Dinosaur Blanket with Comfort Pillow

Before start making one, decide the size, color, and pattern. For dinosaur theme, choose earthy colors like brown and green. Draw patterns of dinosaurs. They can be T-Rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, and much more.

Appealing Dinosaur Blanket with White Rug

Extraordinary Dinosaur Blanket with Brown Wooden Side Table

Best Designer Baby Cribs

Designer baby cribs have a premium level of safety as well as an elegant design. Because a baby crib is a must-have piece, you should be selective in buying the right one. We all know that designer cribs are not cheap. Of course, you do not want to spend much money and regret it later on. Here are some designer cribs that you might be interested in.


DaVinci Emily baby crib is one of the recommended models of high-end baby cribs. It is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. It is such a high rating, right? DaVinci is known as a brand of excellent baby products including cribs. The DaVinci Emily is a kind of 4-in-1 convertible crib. Being a convertible crib, it grows with your baby. When your baby no longer needs a crib, it can be turned into toddler’s bed and two other styles. The crib is built with amazing quality in its class. In addition, it has sturdy construction.


The DaVinci Emily is not the only best product from DaVinci. There is another crib namely DaVinci Kalani. This New Zealand manufactured crib has some great features. It is made of high-quality pine wood that grows is sustainable forests. Built with safety in mind, you can count on this sophisticated crib to keep your baby safe while sleeping tranquility in the crib.


Another best value crib is Stork Craft Tuscany. Just like the two DaVinci cribs, Stork Craft Tuscany crib is also a kind of 4-in-1 convertible crib that converts to toddler’s bed, then to a daybed, and later to full-size bed. It has a chic design equipped with a trundle drawer underneath where you can store baby’s clothes and essentials.


So, which model do you choose? Actually, besides the three aforementioned models, there are still many other designer cribs. You can begin searching online to gain information and compare some models to get the best crib that matches your style and budget.



Best Cribs for small spaces

You are lucky if you have a large nursery so you can add a palatial crib to greet the new baby. However, not everyone has such spacious nursery. Those who live in a city usually have small space to live in that having a big nursery with a big crib is not feasible. Luckily, there are cribs for small spaces so you should not be worried when your nursery is not that big. Nowadays many manufacturers design their cribs in various sizes and shapes. Even some of them have mini shapes and portable feature. Although the size is small, they are still functional and safe.


One of the best space-saving cribs is the Bloom Urban Crib. It is just 36.5” wide. That is why this stylish crib is called mini crib. You can convert it into a basinet too. When it becomes a bassinet, the size is just perfect. It features lockable wheels and compact design. You do not need to worry moving the baby around in his bassinet through cramped hallways and narrow doorways. This portable and foldable crib are ideal for use in apartments, condos, and small houses.


Child Craft London is another great convertible crib in small size. Unlike other modern cribs which have a flimsy board base, this crib has a spring base made of wire that can give better support for the mattress.
DaVinci, another popular brand of baby products, also offers stylish and functional mini crib called Emily Mini-Crib. This crib is designed to be lightweight for easy mobile.


Actually, there are still many other mini cribs from famous brands such as Dream on Me and Delta. All of them come in small and compact size. Although not all of them are equipped with wheels, they are lightweight so you can move them around easily. See? You have a lot of choices even when space is tight.



Lovely Cribs for Small Space with Wooden Dresser

Crib Skirts Styles

If you want to add more style to your baby’s crib bedding, the easiest way is by using crib skirts. Besides being decorative, the skirts also help to cover up and manage dust under-the-bed area. The most important thing to consider when shopping for crib skirts is to measure the size. Make sure you buy the correct size depending on the size of the box spring. Do not forget to measure the distance from the box spring top to the floor so the skirt can perfectly drop down to fall hiding the area under the bed without leaving a gap.


Not only are crib skirts available in various sizes, they also come in some different styles so you can always find the one to complement your nursery decor. If the nursery is decorated in a modern design, a solid colored skirt will be suitable. For a transitional styled room, the best option is the pleated skirt. Meanwhile, if you want to set a traditional look, try an eyelet skirt. Or, do you want to add some glamor to the room? Think about ruffled skirts, then. Who can resist the charm of the long-dropped ruffled skirt?


When using crib skirts, you should know how to care for them as they can become dirty easily. That is why cleaning them regularly is a necessity. Regular cleaning includes vacuuming at least once a week. Meanwhile, a wash should be performed at least once a month. Bed skirts made of linen or cotton are can be washed easily. However, other skirts especially those made of heavier fabric might need special care. Always follow the care instructions from the manufacturer. Proper cleaning and care make the skirt look fresh and clean.

Gorgeous Crib Skirts with Nice Doll

A crib can also be purchased as a part of a bedding set. If you buy it separately as an individual piece, make sure the color matches other bedding, pieces used in the crib.


Amusing Crib Skirts with Wooden Floor


Essential Pieces Included in Crib Sets for Girls

Everyone agree that a crib is one of the most essentials parts of a nursery. Newborns sleep in their crib for most of their time of the day and night. Moreover, a crib has a role in setting the style and tone of the baby’s room


A crib set comes with several pieces. Mattress is the most important one. Usually, when you buy a crib, it already includes the mattress. If you buy it separately, make sure that you buy the right size so it fits the crib well although most mattresses come in standard size as well as the crib. You also need a crib sheet to cover the mattress. Choose fitted sheet instead of a flat sheet. A flat sheet often gets loose and bunched up. This can be dangerous for the baby.


Another essential piece is the crib mattress pad. The pad protects his mattress from dust any liquid spill. So, it keeps the mattress clean. A mattress pad should be not too thick. Most pads are less than 1 inch.
Other pieces are swaddles, blanket, comforter, and pillows. Swaddles keep newborns warm so they can sleep better. Meanwhile, quilts and pillows are decorative pieces that can complete the nursery look.


Crib skirts, although often overlooked, are actually important to buy. Not only are they decorative, the skirts prevent babies’ fingers to investigate the mattress supports as it can hurt themselves. Besides, they prevent the sheets from become ripped because of coming into contact with the mattress support springs. In addition, crib skirts, especially the long ones, can help to cover up the area under the crib and protect it from dust and dirt.