Picking Out the Best Solid Wood Cribs

Having a newborn baby is an incredible journey. Welcoming your beloved child to the world brings joy and anticipating the arrival of your baby brings can be sometimes thrilling. Aside from all the excitement, it can be sometimes confusing when it comes to shopping for their arrival.

Amazing Solid Wood Crib with Nice Doll

Raising chlidren requires a great responsibility, but every second of it are worthwhile. Before welcoming your baby, you have to plan and prepare your home properly so you can accomodate their arrival.

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This article will help you face the fear and anxiety out of the tough jobs, such as picking the best solid wood cribs. These are the research results and recommendations that will assist you in shopping the best wooden crib for your baby.
Two Crucial Matters on Solid Wood Cribs

Amusing Solid Wood Crib with Wooden Dresser

Solid wood cribs offer safety and comfort for your baby. Besides that, wooden cribs that are made from high-quality wood are durable and last for generations. They also look more aesthetic than plastic cribs. Searching for a wooden crib in the market is not difficult as there are plenty of them in the market, you can look for them at infant furniture stores or even online.

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However, before picking one for your dearest child, you have to pay attention to the most important matters so you can get the best and most suitable crib for you and child.

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1. Safety First
Remember, you have to provide the safest crib for your child as they will spend most of their time there. The crib should be made of safe non-toxic materials. You also have to pay attention to the details of the crib, such as the bumpers, corners, and even the mattress.

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Bring Jungle-Themed Decor to Your Baby with Safari Crib Bedding

If you love green, brown, or other colors that represent the forest, and you want to introduce them to your baby, safari crib bedding is what you need. Jungle nursery theme brings natural impression to both of you and your baby.

Lovely Safari Crib Bedding with Pink Fur Rug

Jungle animals, funny-looking monkeys, forest trees, and many other safari themed nursery sets will never fail for your beloved baby. You can get them easily on infant appliances stores or even online, and you will face endless choices. Although shopping for your baby will be fun, you have to keep wise in choosing the safari-themed bedding sets.

Mesmerizing Safari Crib Bedding with Wooden Dresser

Crib Bedding Pieces
Before getting the best safari crib bedding set for your baby, you have to remember there are five crib bedding pieces that you have to look into so you won’t regret buying one. Here are the list of crib bedding pieces that you have to watch carefully.

Amusing Safari Crib Bedding with Wooden Floor

Fitted Crib Sheet
A fitted sheet is important for a crib. You have to make sure that it fits snugly over the mattress. It shouldn’t be loose or become bunched up because your baby will move around. Always make sure to find the right size sheet for the mattress.

Impressive Safari Crib Bedding

Crib Mattress Pad
Waterproof mattress pad is the most recommended one as it help protects the mattress from unavoidable accident. It shouldn’t be thicker than 1 inch and allow the fitted sheet to fit snugly over the mattress.

Gorgeous Safari Crib Bedding with Green Fur Rug

Crib Skirt
Crib skirts are decorative, and hide the mattress supports from your baby’s fingers because they may try to investigate them and hurt themselves. It also prevent the sheet from contacting with the mattress support springs, which can rip the sheets.

Dazzling Safari Crib Bedding with Classic Table Lamp

Personalized Burp Cloths, Perfect Give for New Mom and Dads

Babies are cute in their favorite outfit, but imagine their outfit covered in jelly, drool, finger paint, or juice. Not so cute anymore, is it? bibs and burp cloths are all you need to keep them clean so you can save a lot of time from doing a laudry.

Mesmerizing Personalized Burp Cloths

If you’re looking for burp cloths as a perfect gift for new moms and dads, then personalized burp cloths would be the answer. You can add the baby’s name on the burp cloths so they look different from the other. A set of burp cloths makes an ideal gift for babies, it’s unique, thoughtful, and adds a touch of style to a baby care necessity.

Amazing Personalized Burp Cloths

A Guide To Consider Before Purchasing Personalized Burp Cloths
Before buying personalized burp cloths for yourself, or even as a gift for new parents, you have to look into the features of the burp cloths so you won’t regret after tou buy one. The features that you have to check are as follows:

Amusing Personalized Burp Cloths

1. Washabilty
What’s the point of burp cloths if they don’t last long? Good burp cloths will last long and can be washed again and again. They should be machine-washable, and should be easy to wipe clean.

Appealing Personalized Burp Cloths

2. Materials
Always remember that you always have to make your baby comfortable. If the material of the burp cloths make them feel comfortable then it’s good. Otherwise, if your baby were not comfortable with the burp cloths, you have to change them with a new and better one.

Cute personalized Burp Cloths

3. Pattern
Match the pattern with the color of your baby’s clothing, it’s not too necessary but it would make your baby look cuter. We want them to always look cute, aren’t we?

Dazzling Personalized Burp Cloths

If you already checked the features, you may start buying the perfect personalized burp cloths for your baby or gift for new moms and dads. Always shop carefully and wisely.

Endearing Personalized Burp Cloths

Adding Unique Touch Of Pastel Bedding With Mix And Match

Are you bored with the nice and neat approach to dressing your girl’s bed? Start mismatched style to introduce your girl to a unique and stunning view. Choose different pillowcases, bedcovercushions that will bring a relaxed and original look. Mix and match the bedding set in your little girl’s bedroom with pastel bedding, which will bring a soft and sensual direction. Your girl will sleep tightly and have sweet dreams in her bedroom.

Endearing Pastel Bedding with Comfort Pillows

Why pastel colors bring a unique and different look? Pastel colors represent openness and relaxation. Pastels are considered relieving and sooting, and even sometimes equated with sanity. Therefore, bringing pastel colors to your girl’s bedroom is definitely a perfect idea.

Stunning Pastel Bedding with White Curtains

Step by Step To Make Unique Pastel Bedding Mix And Match
There are several steps you have to follow in adding pastel bedding set to your girl’s bedroom and experimenting with the unique mismatched style. Here are the basic steps:

Dazzling Pastel Bedding with White Fur Rug

1 . Layer the look
Starting mixing pastel colors with mismatched schemes wotk best when they’re styled with abundance, so don’t hold back. Enhance the combination of sheets and covers by adding a wealth oof cushions in soft, gentle tones.

Mesmerizing Pastel Bedding with Nice Picture Frames

2. Enter the tough stuff
Pastel colors in your girl’s bedroom will bring a great contrast to darker tones and rustic material. Pink throw and muted cushions will soften the wooden headboard, and would be beatiful if they’re framed by a statement wall in inky grey.

Beautiful Pastel Bedding

3. Stir in some grey
To complement the pastel colors, pale grey would be a great complement to pastel pinks and blues. It adds a little depth to the mismatched bedding style, preventing the pastel colors from looking too sugary.

Amusing Pastel Bedding with Purple Fur Rug

Dinosaur Baby Bedding for Fascinating Kids’ Bedroom Decor

Decorating a child’s room with a dinosaur theme seems to be an interesting idea. Many children like the ancient creature. Establishing this theme in their room will make them happy. You can start by adding dinosaur baby bedding. You know the bedding is the main part of the room. It’s the focal point of the room so it should be one spot to display the theme. The easiest thing is to buy a dinosaur bedding set. The set already includes some pieces like a fitted sheet, pillows, a bed skirt, etc.


However, if you want to create a one-of-a-kind look, you can buy the pieces individually so you are free to mix and match the color and style as you desire. For example, you can use solid-colored sheet mossy green, brown, or other earth tones that are identical with dinosaur colors and the colors of a jungle (where the giant creatures lived). Find pillows in dinosaur shapes to complete the look.


If you think the bedding is still plain, decorate the walls with a large mural. You can ask a help from a painter to do the job. Or, if you have a limited budget, consider wall decors or stickers. They are less expensive and easy to remove.


The theme can be applied in other linen such as in window treatment. Meanwhile, you can decorate other areas of the room with stuffed dinosaurs such as Pterodactyls, Brontosaurus, T-Rex, and much more. If your child is a fan of dinosaurs, he will be interested in collecting this stuffed animals or toys. However, do not make the room overcrowded with the theme.


So, what are you waiting for? Get the decor started by buying things you need like the bedding set, wall decals, and accessories. Dinosaur bedding set is available in many sizes including dinosaur bedding twins with various dinosaur prints.


Shopping for Curious George Bedding

Your kids must be familiar with the Curious George. George is a curious monkey colored brown. He is the main protagonist characters of cartoon and book series with the same title. George is so cute that many kids like him so much. No wonder that the Curious George becomes the popular theme for children’s bedding. You can just find Curious George bedding everywhere.


When shopping for themed-bedding, you can either by a bedding set that consists of some different pieces or buys them individually. The good side of buying them as a set is that you do not need to spend energy and time for the shopping. It is like one stop shopping. You go to one place and get everything. However, many people prefer buying different pieces separately. In this way, they can create a look as they want. They can also skip buying the thing that is not really necessary.


Whether you buy a bedding set or buying different pieces individually, you should make sure you buy the right bedding which is comfortable and safe for your baby. Check the fabric. It should be durable yet soft. The sheet should be snugly fitted to the mattress. Meanwhile, the sheet cover should be waterproof.


It is also important to consider the existing decor of the nursery. For instance, if the walls are painted in solid neutral color, the bedding should be richer in prints. However, avoid making the bed so crowded with patterns, prints, and too many different colors especially if you already put some mural or use decals on the wall.


In order to complete the nursery decor, find the Curious George dolls or toys and use them to decorate the room. You can buy them in kids shop or department stores. However, do not put the dolls and toys in the crib as they can make the crib feels crowded and cramped



Coral Crib Skirt that Makes the Nursery Look Lively

When looking for a bedding set for babies, most parents focus more on the cribs, mattress, and comforter but they overlook a crib skirt. In fact, the presence of crib skirt can tie the look of the crib bedding together. The skirt can hide the unattractive brown metal frame. Besides, it protects the area under the crib from dust. There are different kinds and styles of the bed skirt.


Let’s pick a color first. Nowadays, the colors for the baby nursery are not limited to pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. There are many other colors that can be used in baby’s room. Coral crib skirt is gaining popularity at the moment. Coral belongs to pastel. The color is soft and relaxing, perfect for a baby nursery. To create a beautiful decor, coral can be combined with other colors such as white, green, and aqua. Include either graphic or floral prints in the room to achieve the fabulous look.


Besides being available in many colors, bed skirts also come in countless design. No matter what style of your crib, you can always find a matching skirt. For the styles, bed skirts fall into two styles; pleated and ruffled skirts. What are the differences? The ruffled skirt consists of some overlapping layers. It can create a romantic and sophisticated vibe to any rooms including a baby nursery. If you are a fan of classic and dress look, ruffled crib skirt is a great option. Meanwhile, the pleated skirts have straight lines, making the room looks simple and modern.


Bed skirts can be made of a variety of different materials such as cotton, satin, brocade, lace, and much more. Make sure the fabric has quality so the crib skirt can last longer. Do not forget to find the skirt that fits perfectly to the size of your crib.




Classic Pooh Nursery Decoration

Are you looking for an idea to decorate the baby nursery? You might want to pick a special theme for the decor. Think about an interesting Disney theme. The theme offers colorful vibe that is perfect for babies and children’s room. Using Disney theme, you nursery will surely look more stunning and lively. Everyone will love to spend more time with the baby there.


Although today, many modern Disney characters appear, the classic Winnie the Pooh remains popular. Many parents like to ask their kids to watch Winnie the Pooh because there are so many things they the kids can learn. The kids are attracted with the beautiful illustration and the heartwarming friendship of Pooh Bear, Christopher Robin, and Piglet. No wonder parents are inspired by the Disney film. Not a few of them design a classic Pooh nursery for their babies.


There are many ways to decorate the baby nursery in this theme. You can just combine some colors as you desire. However, do not use many colors as this can make the room looks and feels crowded. Select two or three main colors. For instance, you can choose brown, green, and yellow. These main colors are used for the main areas of the room such as the walls, floor, bedding, and main furniture.


However, avoid making the room crowded because it is full of pictures and accessories. There should be parts of the room that are plain and uncluttered.


Find Winnie the Pooh accessories to decorate the nursery. They can be dolls, posters, puzzles, and other miscellaneous items. Do not forget to use Winnie the Pooh bedding set. It is widely available at stores. The options are endless. So, what are you waiting for? Start decorating your classic Winnie the Pooh nursery right now. You can browse some ideas online.



Different Types of Canopy Crib

Expecting parents are so happy waiting for the birth of their newborn that they are so excited spending much time to organize the nursery from buying the furniture to find some ideas of baby’s room decorating. Preparing the baby crib is one of the essential parts parents should do. The baby will spend most of his time in the crib. Therefore, you should make sure that the crib comes in the right size, sturdy, and comfortable.


Not only is the crib functional, it often becomes the focal point of the room. That is why it should look stand out. You can add a canopy that makes the crib look more beautiful. A canopy is made of fabric that flows from the ceiling. Besides making the crib more decorative, it also protects the baby from mosquitos’ bites. A canopy crib comes in many styles, colors, and sizes. You won’t find it difficult to get the right canopy for your particular type.


There are several types of crib canopy depending on how it is mounted. The most common one is the ceiling-mounted canopy. The fabric is directly mounted on the ceiling and wrap over the crib. Durable mounting hardware is used to ensure it is securely mounted on the ceiling. Those which are mounted on the wall are called wall-mounted canopies. There are also canopies that are attached directly to the crib. Cribs with tall posts are suitable with attached canopies.


When choosing the best canopy, there are things to take into consideration. Price usually becomes one of the most important considerations. Keep in mind that low-quality products often come with a cheap price. So, don’t just look at the price but consider the quality of the canopy. Make sure the fabric is durable and the mounting hardware is safe. High-quality canopies are often not cheap but you won’t regret investing a bit more for them.
So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a crib canopy for your loved little one. It will add a little pizzazz for the nursery décor. Make sure the canopy is mounted securely and the fabric is not loose. Improper use of canopy can put your baby in danger.





Baby Nurseries Decoration Ideas

Decorating a baby nursery is one of the exciting yet challenging activities new parents do prior the baby’s birth. Decorating baby nurseries is always started by deciding a particular theme. If you cannot find the desired theme, at least the baby room should be designed with coordinated colors. Without a theme or coordinated colors, the room will appear less attractive. There are some ideas of neutral-gendered baby nursery themes as follows.


The animal theme seems to be never out-of-date. This theme is perfect both for baby girls’ or baby boy’s room. Animal theme is still too broad. You can narrow down the theme into a jungle, animals in the zoo, or farm animals. As for jungle theme, for example, you can try to include pictures of trees, ponds, blue skies, and various animals from the wild. Set two or three color palettes such as a combination of green and brown.


The nautical theme is another popular idea. Use colors that represent beaches or typical ships such as blue, yellow, and red. Include the images of sea animals. You can add a small aquarium to complete the nautical decor. Entering the room, people will feel like entering underwater paradise.


Most children whether they are girls or boys enjoy the outdoors. It can be a great theme for the baby nursery. Images of bugs, frogs, fish, and other creatures found in the outdoors will make the room lively. You will like you are outside the home, breathing fresh air. It will be very relaxing in the room both for the baby and the caregivers.


You can also decorate the baby room in contemporary style. Contemporary decor makes use of neutral colors. While baby nursery is identical with bright color with a playful tone, it’s nothing wrong to try some combination of neutrals like beige, white, and brown. To emphasis, the style, use simple clean line furnishings.