Bumble Bee Baby Costume And Clothes For Baby Girl Special Gift

captivating bumble bee baby clothes
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Having bumble bee baby clothes are great to go. Your baby looks very cute with the clothes. If you have a plan to dress up her with Bumble Bee, we have some options available at Etsy. Etsy provides you a lot options that you can check by yourself if you think that what we are giving here is still not enough for you.

beautiful bumble bee baby clothes

1. Baby Bee Costume For Halloween With 3-Piece Cake Smash Outfit, Tutu
A handmade item is from tulle, elastic, felt, and thread. This item is only available when you order it. If you are living out of U.S., this product is available to ship to worldwide.

dazzling bumble bee costume baby girl

It is a 3-piece of baby bee set with the tutu, headband and legwarmers. The set is great for baby from 1 to 2 years old. For a better fit, make sure that you measure your little girl first. The tutu do stretch so you can take off about a half inch to an inch of the waist measurement.

impressive bumble bee costume baby girl

The tutu is available in yellow and black. It is possible for you to order something different like adding more black by putting a note in the Notes section at checkout. For baby girl, the legwarmers can fit all from zero to 4 years old. The legwarmers will fit your newborn baby girl loosely.

luxury bumble bee costume baby girl

Tutus are great for birthdays, holidays, play dates, portrait sessions, weddings, special events, recitals, parades, and even just to play dress-up. Tutus are also great for adorable shower gifts even for decoration. You can pair tutus with bloomers, jeans, or leggings for adorable boutique look for bumble bee costume baby girl.

magnificent bumble bee baby clothes

2. Baby Bumble Bee Headbands with Black and Yellow Chevron Print Hairbow
After going with the first idea of bumble bee baby clothes, you can give a final touch with the baby bumble bee headbands. This headband has black and yellow chevron print hair bow. A handmade item only made to order. The seller will ship it from U.S. to buyers from in the worldwide.

mesmerizing bumble bee costume baby girl

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