Vanstrand started with a house.

When founders Lisa and Anderson remodeled their home, they started the way these projects often do: with a tall stack of magazines and referrals for home professionals from people they knew. But after those piles of torn out pages failed to make their dream a reality, they felt stuck. There had to be a better way.
So they built Vanstrand. A place to browse and save beautiful home photos. A place to find the right design and construction professionals. A place to connect with others who have been there too. Vanstrand started as a side project but has become a community of more than more homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals—across the country and around the world.
Whether you are starting a complete kitchen remodel or just looking for the perfect bedside table, the Vanstrand community of homeowners and professionals is here to help. And when you are ready to start your project, Vanstrand is the best way to get inspired, discover products and to find and collaborate with the perfect architect, designer or contractor.