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A Guide to Use a Baby Changing Dresser

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A baby changing dresser helps parents and caregivers to diaper your little one. You need to change baby diapers several times a day and even more for newborns. The changing dresser will really save the day. The height of the changing table ranges from 36 to 44 inches making most people feel comfortable when doing the task. The presence of dresser is very helpful as you can just store baby clothes and supplies there so when you are changing a diaper, you can reach anything easily.


In addition to dressers and table surface, changing dressers also come with shelves and baskets where you can store toys, wipes, and other essentials. Compared to changing diaper on a crib, using changing dresser using changing table is much easier. More importantly, it is safer for the baby as it prevents the baby from falling from the table.


Changing dresser can pricey especially if you buy branded products like those from Delta Children, Graco, or other high-end brands. For a less expensive alternative, think about a removable changing pad. It can be attached on top of a regular dresser. Before you buy any changing dressers, make sure you try it on. Make sure the height is appropriate. A changing table that is either too low or too high can cause discomfort even backache. Also, do not forget to check all of the parts of the dresser.



If the dresser requires assembly, makes sure all of fastenings and screws are tightened securely. A good changing dresser should be sturdy, has a strong safety strap, and if it comes with wheels, they should have brakes that lock. Changing dressers can be used until your baby reaches the age of two or when his height is about 30 pounds. Stop using it when your baby gets bigger.

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